Atlanta Area Council  

General Policies for Camp Use

The Atlanta Area Council Camping Committee requests your attention and cooperation in supporting and obeying the policies, procedures, and practices of the Boy Scouts of America and the Atlanta Area Council. The Camp Rangers and Campmasters are charged with the responsibility of enforcing the health and safety regulations of the Boy Scouts of America and the State of Georgia. They are also responsible to see that the general use practices and procedures are followed. Listed below are some general policies for our camps.  Each camp has specific policies/procedures that apply to that camp.  Check with the Ranger or Campmaster at check-in for additional questions or copies of these policies. (Please Share these policies with all leaders/adults attending your activity)!

Special Note: Always use/follow the short-term camping process to allow us to help you make your outing a successful one. 
Short-Term Camping Forms/Process - click here 

Please Observe The Following:

1.  Abide by the Guide to Safe Scouting. Unit leaders or event leaders are asked to review the hazardous weather program on the BSA website within the last year to be prepared for lightning, tornadoes, etc.

2.  When You Arrive at Camp (Check-In):

  • Check-in with the Campmaster or Ranger.
  • Identify the “Activity Leader in Charge” of your event to the Ranger or Campmaster. 
  • Turn in a copy of your unit roster (youth and adults) of those in attendance, to the Ranger/Campmaster or your event/activity leader. 
  • Use only the facilities for which approval has been given (in some circumstances, pre-assignments may have to be modified by the Ranger / Campmaster).
  • Shower houses/restrooms: Only boys use the “Boys” area.   Adults (male and female) and adult supervised female youth are to use the “Adult” bathrooms. Units should plan to assist in the cleaning of the shower house prior to departure.
  • Minimum leadership requires at least 2 adults must be present and in direct supervision of unit youth at all times.  Have your Scouts use the “buddy” system.

3.  Vehicle Usage:

  • Remove all vehicles from your campsite after unloading and park in the designated parking areas.
  • A Ranger, based on an individual’s situation, may grant special vehicle usage for handicap campers.
  • Obey all posted speed limit signs, no more than 5 mph when Scouts are present.
  • Riding in the back of pick-up trucks is forbidden; everyone must have a designated seat belt.
  • Personal ATVs/Quad-runners, golf carts, motorized scooters; RV's, personal watercraft and other vehicles of this type are not allowed in our camps.
  • Skateboards, roller blades, and similar devices are not allowed on camp.  Bicycles are allowed at Bert Adams and on the Mountain Bike Trail at Woodruff. (Must have Helmets).

4.  Parking Policies:

  • Parking is permitted in Designated parking areas only. Parking is not allowed in any campsite, in front of any restroom facilities, on the shoulders of camp roads, or in any area that would prohibit access by camp rangers, camp staff, or emergency vehicles. Vehicles improperly parked will be subject to being ticketed or towed.
  • Handicap vehicles will be allowed near the campsite in a designated area as determined by the Ranger

5.  Activities Program Areas:

  • Fishing is allowed along the shoreline of the lake and from bridges. NO FISHING within the fenced perimeter of the Aquatics area. (Allatoona, use-designated fishing areas only.)
  • Swimming will be limited to the designated area(s), and only if that area was requested in advance.  Adult leader must show proof of proper BSA training and have ranger/campmaster approval.
  • Shooting Sports areas must be requested in advance. No personal Firearms, Archery equipment, slingshots, etc. are allowed on camp property.
  • Cope/Climbing areas must be requested in advance. Cope/Climbing areas are not to be entered unless a certified Cope/Climbing Instructor is present and has given permission.

6.  Campsites:

  • Campfires are limited to permanent fire rings only.  No temporary fire rings are to be constructed. No flame, including charcoal is to ever be left unattended. No bonfires allowed.
  • When disposing of garbage and trash, use the camp dumpsters.
  • Prior to departure, all tables are to be returned to the area that you found them. In the case of Woodruff, this is the campsite pavilion. Latrines are for personal hygiene (Not unwanted food or trash). Permanent tent frames are to be left intact at all times. Do not allow scouts to climb/swing on frames.

7.  Camp Equipment and Property:

  • Units are to provide their own program equipment. Note: Limited Aquatics and Range equipment are available with prior request and BSA trained leadership.
  • Ensure that Scouts DO NOT DAMAGE camp property.  Fees will be assessed for all damaged items.

8.  Other Matters of Interest:

  • Absolutely, No dogs, cats, or pets allowed in the camp (not even on a leash). For Special needs - please notify the staff in advance of your arrival.
  • Adults are to restrict their smoking to designated areas and not when Scouts are present. No Alcoholic Beverages or Illegal Drugs are allowed on Camp Property.

9.  When You Are Ready to Depart (Check-Out)

  • Establish a Check-out time with the Campmaster or Ranger
  • Clean-up/organize your campsite/activity area.
  • Place garbage and trash in camp dumpsters. Do not leave at campsite.
  • Leave your campsite and program areas better than you found them.


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